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CIGNA at-a-glance

As of December 31, 2008

  • 30,000 employees worldwide
  • 26,000 employees in 176 offices within the United States
  • 11.7 million covered by health care (in U.S.), including
  • 925,000 individuals in consumer-directed health plans
  • 18.3 million covered by behavioral health
  • 10.6 million covered by dental plans
  • 6.2 million covered by pharmacy
  • Total Physicians: 572,800
  • Total Hospitals: 5,200
  • More than 146,800 dentist locations
  • 4.9 million covered by disability
  • 6.2 million covered by group life
  • 5.4 million covered by accident

Through CIGNA International, we have local business capability in 27 countries and jurisdictions. More than 300,000 expatriate members covered virtually everywhere in the world. Approximately 4.8 million life, accident and health policies in force in the Asia Pacific region and Europe. More than 350,000 individuals.

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A Strong Tradition

CIGNA was formed in 1982 through the combination of the Connecticut General Corporation and INA Corporation. Today CIGNA’s logo, the Tree of Life, symbolizes the corporation’s culture, mission and products. Like a strong and healthy tree, CIGNA has deep roots. INA was founded in 1792 in Philadelphia after meetings in Independence Hall. Connecticut General was founded in 1865 in Hartford as a life insurance company. CIGNA’s formation in 1982 combined a leading property-casualty insurer with a leading supplier of life insurance and employee benefits. Over time, CIGNA sharpened its focus on group health care and related benefits. Today, CIGNA continues to innovate, expand and grow, with the 2008 acquisition of Great-West Healthcare, a company with deep experience in serving the small group market. The market for small groups – small businesses with fewer than 250 employees – and for benefits sold to individuals, represents an opportunity for CIGNA. CIGNA’s operating subsidiaries are major providers of employee benefits offered through the workplace. CIGNA’s stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Symbol:CI).

Creating Better Value in Health Care

CIGNA believes in a value-based health care system that makes access to care universal, fosters and rewards quality, and makes care more affordable through evidence-based information that supports better decision making. Put another way, value-based health care Creating value by removing the cost-related barriers to better quality of care, driving active participation of the individual through proven disease and lifestyle management programs, and encouraging people to embrace healthy behaviors and comply with treatment regimens – that’s the essence of health advocacy.

What “Health Service” Means

Our orientation as a health service company means that we’re not just a company that pays claims for illnesses and injuries after the fact, we also actively promote prevention and wellness. As such, we believe that we can make the path to health, well-being and security easier by helping people better manage and maintain their own health. We can help reduce the cost of care for them and their employers, help employees be more productive, and help make the health care delivery system more effective and cost-efficient. CIGNA supports the whole person. We integrate a full slate of high-quality health and wellness offerings – including disease and disability management and lifestyle behavior change programs – for people in communities across America and around the globe. Our approach works.

In 2008: Our “effectiveness of care” ratings put us at, or near, the top of the industry according to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), one of the industry’s most respected benchmarking organizations. Our expanded network of highperforming, cost-efficient hospitals –Centers of Excellence – demonstrated measurable reductions in medical complications and lower hospital admission costs for the people who used them. We helped people with asthma, diabetes, cardiac problems, low back pain and cardiopulmonary disorders take better care of themselves, which saved them money and lowered their rate of hospital admissions. And, we made life easier for the people we served. Our health care call centers were recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for delivering “an outstanding customer service experience” for the third straight year.**

Most important – we’re helping people stay healthy and secure, at a time when the help we can offer is more critical than ever means removing the cost barriers to quality. For example, approximately 75 percent of the people enrolled in CIGNA HealthCare have benefit plans that require no copays, coinsurance* costs or out-of-pocket expenses of any kind for primary preventive services (such as immunizations) or primary screening services (such as mammograms or colonoscopies). We also offer financial incentives to plan participants who take advantage of our health and wellness programs – often health services provided person-to-person by medical professionals. Our skilled health coaches help individuals stop smoking, lose weight, deal with stress and depression, and more. In addition, we reward individuals who complete health assessment and disease management programs that help them achieve clinically validated goals, such as lowering blood pressure or cholesterol. Their employers stand to gain, too. When programs such as these are instituted in the workplace, employers reap the benefit of improved health and productivity in their employee population.

cigna in perspective
CIGNA HealthCare

CIGNA HealthCare is one of the largest providers of health care benefits and health services, based on premiums and covered lives. The organization offers a broad portfolio of medical and specialty health care products and services, as well as a wide range of funding and plan design options. CIGNA HealthCare provides select health programs, which often include information and tools to help people gain the full benefit of available health and wellness resources. CIGNA HealthCare has offerings in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

  • Premiums and Fees (in millions) $11,615
  • Business Mix Premiums and Fees
  • Medical 92%
  • Dental 7%
  • Life & Other 1%
  • Life 49%
  • Disability 39%
  • Accident & Other 12%
  • Premiums and Fees (in millions) $2,562
  • Business Mix Premiums and Fees
  • Premiums and Fees (in millions) $1,870
  • Business Mix Premiums and Fees
  • Health Care 46%
  • Life, Accident
  • & Health 54%

CIGNA Group Insurance

CIGNA Group Insurance is one of the top providers of group disability, life and accident coverage in then United States. The organization’s disability programs help to improve employee productivity and lower employers’ disability costs. Disability programs may be integrated with CIGNA HealthCare medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral and care management programs to further improve return-to-work rates and lower medical and disability costs. In addition, all group products come with access to free will preparation services and CIGNA’s Healthy Rewards® program, which offers a variety of discounts on health and wellness products and services.

CIGNA International

CIGNA International, with active operations in countries located in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, provides health care and medical care management services to employers and employees; and directmarkets life, accident and supplemental health insurance to individuals. The organization is also a leading provider of specialized health care and related employee insurance benefits to expatriate employees of multinational companies on international assignments.

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