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At Insurance Benefits Solutions we cherish our senior market, there for we are very select as to what products and carriers we will represent. We only represent the carriers that provide in & out of network benefits, prescription programs, health/fitness but most of all an outstanding network of Doctors and Hospitals.

Our experienced group of agents can put together a plan that will include your Medicare products as well as your Long Term Care plan, we will shop all the carriers for the best possible product and price.

We know that these decisions are not easy ones and can become quite confusing, allow us to help you and your loved ones create the best plan for your future as our client.

Tips for the right senior health insurance policy

As a person ages, most people start suffering from various health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and joint pain. With this, there is a need for regular medication and treatments that can be rather expensive to senior citizens. To overcome these expenses; most senior citizens get themselves an insurance policy.

When you get yourself a senior health insurance policy, you have to know that the insurance company fixes your rates according to your health condition. The higher the health risks, the higher the cost of your policy will be. In addition to this, as the older you get your susceptibility to health problems tend to increase. This may lead to you having to pay higher premiums for insurance coverage.

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How to save money

It is better to start paying for your health insurance program long before you reach retirement to ensure you have sufficient coverage at retirement. So even if you have to pay more for your coverage with age, you finally save money in the long run. Though the penny a day health insurance policies look inviting, they don’t actually provide much coverage.

It is always better to sign up for a supplemental plan before your retirement. This plan has to be supplemental to the government provisions of your existing plan and not replace them. This means it has to cover any additional doctor visits like visits to specialists you make which goes beyond the coverage of your actual policy.

Read the fine print of all plans

Usually, supplement plans cover about 50-80% of the balance of any special procedures, which helps you save lots of money in the long run. Just remember to sign up for this plan as early as possible because the younger you are, the less expensive the plan is.

However like always, it is important that you read the fine print of these supplement plans too. If there is anything that you don’t understand, make sure you ask for clarifications. The same has to be done to your actual senior health plan; go through it to check how much of coverage you are provided, the premium amount you have to make, etc before you choose your actual plan.

Prove you are healthy

It is always better to compare quotes, plans and features of various health insurance plans for senior citizens before making your final choice. If you find the agent or provider unwilling to divulge much information, or is vague in answering your questions, it indicates that it is better to move on to another agent.

If you manage to prove that you are of good health, you can get a cheaper health plan as it proves that though you may be a senior citizen, you are not in the high risk group. Moreover, if you are under 65 or an unemployed person, you could consider getting a high deductible medical plan that is the lowest senior citizen health insurance policy.

With the help of these tips, you will be able to get a reasonable senior health insurance policy that will provide the recovered coverage in your retired and old age.

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