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At IBS we understand that shopping for insurance coverage can be confusing. We offer the convenience of internet quoting and sales but have earned our outstanding reputation in the area as a company that can actually educate you in the best possible plans. IBS only offers the State’s largest and most reputable carries to insure you and your family. Plans can be effective in as little as 24 hours in many cases. Contact us so that we can customize a plan that not only fits your budget but your needs. Feel free to call us for the personal service we are proud to offer and are so well known for. We pride ourselves on selling Insurance with Integrity.

How to choose Family Health Insurance

With the increasing number of health problems, diseases and accidents occurring on a daily basis, health insurance has become a necessity for everyone with a family. Though employers claim to provide insurance for the family, what they usually do is pay premium for the employee’s coverage, and the employee has to pay the entire premium for family members included in the policy.

There are laws that state the employer has to make a contribution to the employee’s health insurance, the people who do provide it do it as an incentive and added benefit from working with the company. If all your family members are not included in your employer’s insurance plan, it is better to look out for some comprehensive family health insurance.

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Collect quotes and make comparisons

With so many providers of health insurance for families, you will have to do some searching and comparisons to decide on the best plan for yourself. You will have to approach various insurance companies via phone or internet to get quotes, and to make comparisons.

Besides the quotes, you have to go through the plan details of different insurance policies. Remember that though you may be provided with plan details of the insurance policies, this is usually just a summary and not the entire details of the plan. Though you may get all the details by requesting, it is usually not provided to you till you are approved for coverage, and become a plan member.

Once you choose and enroll in a health plan, you will be mailed the plan details or the evidence of coverage along with your insurance cards. This is basically a booklet with thorough details of the plan you had opted for and include a detailed list of the medical benefits the plan offers your family.

Use the free look provision

Most states have a ‘free look’ provision with these plans that lets you cancel your coverage and receive a refund of the premium you had paid if you are not satisfied with the details of the plan. This means that though it may be tedious and confusing to read and understand the plan details, it is important to do so.

You have to read the policy details within the 'free-look' period so that you have a better understanding of the requirements and benefits of the health insurance plan. With this knowledge, you will be able to get maximum benefits from your new health plan.

Make sure you understand everything

While reading the policy details, it is highly recommended to contact the insurance provider for clarifications on sections you don’t actually understand. You should pay additional attention to the maximum benefit limits, exclusions, limits, deductibles and additional fees of the policy to avoid future confusions or misunderstandings about the policy.

If you don’t clarify your doubts on all these aspects in the family health insurance policy, you may end up dissatisfied it. Moreover, this mistake on your part may lead to a denial on any claim you make, and consequent loss of perhaps thousands of dollars to you and your family.

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