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  • How do you collect on a life insurance policy?
    What if you know someone was insured, but you can't find the policy, and don't even know what company he or she had it with? This is not an unusual problem, and there are no easy solutions. Of course, it is best to find out about life policies while the insured is still alive.

    If the house and car were insured, start with the local agents who sold those policies. Insurance companies usually keep track of customer names and Social Security numbers. If the policy was active, a premium notice eventually will come in the mail. Look for cancelled insurance checks. Private firms specialize in finding lost life insurance for a fee. Search the Internet for "Life Benefits Search" or "Lost Life Insurance Finder."

    Normally, if the beneficiary has the policy, all they need to do is get a copy of the death certificate and turn it in to the life insurance company. The contact information for the company should be right on the policy, if there isn't an agent close enough to work with. Any decent company will honor the policy and make payment from within a few days to a few weeks, if there is no suspicion of fraud.

  • Who has the best life insurance?
    Life insurance is a DEATH planning tool. It's NOT an efficient wealth building tool, but CAN be a good estate planning tool under the right circumstances. If your main goal is wealth accumulation, then life insurance is NOT the appropriate product.

  • How long does it take for a Life-Insurance check to come in the mail? My grandmother just recently passed away, it has been 2 weeks now. Her funeral was 2 Fridays ago. I was just wondering if anyone had known how long it should take for a Life-Insurance check to arrive in the mail.
    It depends on the insurance company. Some only take less than a week and others a whole month. Your state's insurance department has a law on how long the insurance company has to deliver the death claim (it’s usually a maximum of 30 days).

  • Can you get life insurance for your terminally ill parent?
    There are many insurance companies that specialize in this type of high- risk insurance. Choose a life insurance provider that is well versed with the underwriting process involved in qualifying for such a policy and the resources to find insurance companies dealing with such specialized cases. You could maybe opt for a final expense policy that does not demand a physical since these are small policies intended only to cover funeral expenses. Keep in mind that there is a two year waiting period, in case of a natural death before you can claim any death benefits. Death benefits also includes the interest from the time of death so if you have a death benefit of $100,000 and interest at time of death is 3.5% which comes to $472.36 so the total benefit payable is $100,472.36.

    Another option is a single-premium policy, where you pay a lump sum premium amount upfront, which can be claimed after death.

  • What is the difference between life insurance reinstatement and revival?
    Both Reinstatement & Revival are two different terms for the same thing, definition of which is following:

    The process by which an insurer puts back into force a life insurance policy that has been terminated for non-payment of premiums or a life insurance policy that has been continued as an extended term or reduced paid-up insurance.

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